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Welcome to the deck contractors Lincoln NE that you need. No more searching for “deck builders near me”. Deck Builders Lincoln NE has got your back.

Do you need a whole new deck? Maybe you are looking only for deck painters or someone to do your deck staining. We offer all this plus repairs.

About Deck Builders Lincoln NE

As Deck Builders Lincoln NE we are one hundred percent committed to using the best possible materials. We know that the better materials we use, the longer your deck will last. The longer your deck will last, the happier you will be with your results.

It is a goal of ours as your Lincoln deck builders to use the best methods of installation. We installing nothing less than a deck that is perfectly safe and up to code. We take pride in the safety and beauty of the decks that we install.

We have a high standard for decks Lincoln NE. If the customer is not satisfied, it is not good enough. This is the importance we put on our customers’ satisfaction. You will be very happy with the job that we do.

We are very knowledgable as Lincoln deck builders. We are up to date on the latest and greatest with trend looks and materials. You can stop your look here for “deck companies near me”.

We are sure to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. We love our customers and are always making sure you are happy with our service. No more searching for “deck installers near me” is needed from you.

Why Choose Deck Builders Lincoln NE?

If you have looked for “deck builders in my area” or “deck staining companies near me” you may have seen many options. Many companies offer many different services and more.

Why should you choose to work with us for your “deck construction near me” that you found? Why should we be your deck company among all other deck companies?

  • We use the most beautiful and quality materials
  • We are licensed to work on your deck and bonded
  • We do not put our focus on any one brand
  • We use materials that have great warranties

Our customers love and appreciate the wide variety of material and brands that we use. Because of this, we have many options for shades of colors and materials that are friendly to the environment.

For many years now we have listened to our customers and met their needs exactly how they wanted. Our customers refer us from home to home to build the deck or porch of their dreams.

As your deck builders, we come and offer you free consultations. Call us today and we will schedule our consultation with you. It is never too early to start your design for the deck that you want.

What To Expect

We know that it can be very hard to choose what materials and what colors you want to use for your decking Lincoln. We do not leave you on your own to decide. As your deck installers Lincoln NE it is also our job to help guide you and help you make decisions about how your deck will look.

Have you also been looking for “porch builders near me”? If so, you will be happy to hear that we also do porches. We have done some fabulous porches in the past and have all the best materials and tools to build you one as well.

lincoln ne deck installers

If you have a pool, we can be your pool deck builders. We can create easier access to your pool by building a deck that makes the space around your pool more functional. Customers love working with us because we are very creative and inventive deck contractors.

After we have your consultation and walk-through we offer you many ideas and designs that you may love. We present them and get all your feedback, good and bad. We are open to change and are happy to do it if it is what you would like.

We take the extra time we need to install any under lights, post lights, or sconce lights. This will create a focal point in your backyard for one that is beautiful and worth being a focal point.


The services we offer will hit every point that you may need for your deck. Do you have a deck that is struggling and needs to be repaired? We have all the tools and capabilities to repair your deck. We build from the ground up brand new decks of all shapes, sizes, and colors.

lincoln deck building

Composite Decking Lincoln

Composite decking is made by mixing a bunch of wood fibers and plastic together. From this, the blend creates a certain color.

There are so many color variations to choose from when it comes to decking. It is treated in a way to prevent rotting, mold, and more from happening to your deck. This type of material for decking lasts a long time and is a great option for low maintenance needs.

lincoln wood decks

Wood Decks

Cedar is a common wood we use especially for those customers that love a traditional wood deck. We use many other types of wood as well, all depending on what look and maintenance you are wanting. Wood decks do need to have maintenance work to keep them looking nice, new, and fresh.

lincoln deck contractor deck railings

Deck Railings

Depending on the maintenance you want to have this will determine the type of railings that we install. We can do different types of installation no matter the material you choose. We can do deck railings in wood material, composite, aluminum, cable, and many more. We can make the style of your deck by the type of railing you choose.

lincoln decking

Composite Decking Lincoln

Composite decking is made by mixing a bunch of wood fibers and plastic together. From this, the blend creates a certain color. There are so many color variations to choose from when it comes to decking.

It is treated in a way to prevent rotting, mold, and more from happening to your deck. This type of material for decking lasts a long time and is a great option for low maintenance needs.

lincoln deck staining lincoln deck painting

Deck Staining Lincoln And Painting

For both staining and painting your deck, we make sure to do all the prep work for the surface. We use the right brushes that will give your deck a flawless finish. We know the right strategy to use so that it will dry right and avoid any chipping or other issues.

There are endless amounts of colors to choose from for both staining and painting. With either one, you can get the protection that your deck needs from weather and wear.

lincoln deck repair

Deck Repair Lincoln NE

Deck repairs can be both small and large. There is no one repair. There are many. If you think your deck is in need of a repair give us a call to come to take a look.

We will let you know if the cracking, splitting, chipping, or other is best for a repair. At times you may be better off replacing your deck rather than repairing it.

Fill out our form below and you will receive your professional free estimate quickly.

About Lincoln NE

Lincoln is the state capital and has experienced much growth. We have a very good mix of new areas and neighborhoods as well as older areas and neighborhoods. The cost of housing has risen much because of the projected growth in our city.

The summers here are warm and get a lot of rain from thunderstorms. The winters are cold but hardly ever get snow.

Most of our economy make up is from service and manufacturing. Although the brewing industry is growing very fast. The music life and entertainment have grown to be very large and important in Lincoln.

Lincoln is a good size city with a population being 289,000. Many of these surrounding cities make it appear even larger:

  • Waverly, NE
  • Eagle, NE
  • Raymond, NE
  • Roca, NE
  • Denton, NE
  • Malcolm, NE
  • Pleasant Dale, NE
  • Martell, NE
  • Walton, NE
  • Many other surrounding areas

Frequently Asked Questions

How can we avoid having to do deck repairs down the road?

As long as you choose a reliable, qualified, and trustworthy contractors that have great past experience you should be fine. You want to be sure they know what they are doing so that the foundation is laid correctly. If it is not laid correctly, it can collapse within the first year. This will cause a lot of headaches and money to fix. Keep up on the maintenance of what your deck needs and do your research when choosing a contractor.

Do you guarantee your work?

Yes. We guarantee our work. Our work is quality and we do it right. We are proactive in always having insurance. We make sure that any potential damages that could happen during construction we take care of.

Does it take a long time to build a deck?

Depending on the size and details of the deck it may take longer or shorter to finish. We focus on your job to get it done without dragging out your construction. We will give you an expected competition date as part of your estimate. We do a fabulous job sticking to the dates that we give our customers. We have reviews on how great we do at staying on track.

Once you lay the foundation, can I do the rest of the deck myself?

We do not recommend this. This is because we do not know your experience and knowledge about how to build a deck. If a deck is not built in the right way and to code, the warranty is no longer valid. This may cause many problems down the road. If you do not want to run into any potential problems, it will be in your best interest to have us do the entire deck.

Customer Testimonials

"The estimate they gave us could not have been more accurate. We were very impressed by the way they priced out each section. We had no surprises. We are very happy with the price and the service that we got."

Cindy S.

"They told us they keep the project organized and get it done in good timing. They were not kidding. We are thrilled with the professionalism they showed throughout the whole project."

Tegan K.

"We could not have asked to work with better contractors. They are solid people with solid values. They value your time, money, and opinion. We appreciate the time and attention they gave to us."

Felicia L.

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You can feel confident in our contractors and our business for taking care of your building needs. Our contracts are completely certified and qualified. We are very professional in our work and the way we carry ourselves.

We use the best materials with fine grade wood and composite decking to build you a new deck. We use our deck experts to design you a custom deck with any and all added features you wish to have.

We build decks of all types with repairs being a large part of our business as well. Call Deck Builders Lincoln NE today to get your free consultation on your schedule.

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